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GoGoMat – Girls

Product Description

GoGoMat for Girls, the cutest baby gifts

GoGoMat padded baby play mats for girls are a cute soft baby play mat that is ideal for any house with hard floors. They are great for ‘tummy time, bottle time, baby relaxing time’ in-fact anytime.

GoGoMat play mats are not massed produced & make great baby gifts that will be kept & loved for life. GoGoMat play mats will not be put away when guests drop-in as they are so cute & unique.

GoGoMat play mats for girls make ideal baby play mats, they are padded & soft and great for any house with hard floors.

The baby playmat is great to take away when you travel, the GoGoMat helps your baby feel secure as they will identify with it as theirs.

GoGoMat play mats for girls have 2 button holes for an attachable pillow, this is great when you baby wants to take his play mat somewhere for quiet ‘bottle time’ and they won’t lose the pillow

100cm x 100cm approx ( 39 x 39 inches )
100% cotton
5 cm denim boarder ( 2 inches ) & Denim backing / bottom
100% soft polyester padded in-fill
Machine washable (refer to cleaning instructions on label)
Girls a cute bright girl themed patchwork
Attachable pillow included


Additional Information

Weight 0.70 kg
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 3.5 cm


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