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LEGO Storage

A great LEGO storage solution.

Never have to clean up Lego off the floor again!

Lego storage  can be a challenge at the best of times, trying to get kids to pick up the Lego after playtime is even more of a task with thousands of little bits all over the floor.

There are many great Lego® storage ideas out there, but one thing most don’t do is make cleaning up the Lego mess easy.

We at GoGo&Co have suffered the same pain, so have developed the GoGoSac Lego play mat that converts into a Lego storage solution.

When your kids have finished playing with the Lego, toy clean-up is so easy you just ‘Pull up’ on the drawstring^ handles of the GoGoSac and away goes all the Lego toy mess. It’s that easy.

It is simple to use the GoGoSac,  just open the GoGoSac fully onto the floor laying it completely flat, then put all your Lego pieces onto the play mat. The children then can play & create all their fantastic Lego buildings on the play mat.

The Lego playmat has been designed so that all the ‘Pull up’ drawstring straps are enclosed within the rim of the GoGoSac . That way there is little  chance of a tripping hazard especially for the little ones *.

Teaching your kids to play on the GoGoSac playmat’s ‘magic circle’ is easy and we have some great games & suggestions for doing this in our GoGoSac play tips area.

Isn’t it time to reclaim back the house from all the Lego pieces.

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