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LEGO Star Wars

Never have to clean up StarWars Legos again!

Starwars Legos are one of the most popular Lego® sets, Since Lego* got the licence in 1999 and released the first few sets based on the original Star Wars® trilogy and featuring the first LEGO X-Wing model kit, LEGO Star Wars® has captured the imagination of both kids now and parents who experienced the first movie way back in 1977.

At GoGo&Co we fall into both categories (‘Luke’  Jackson I’m your father), as I sore the original Star Wars Trilogy at the movies and that was life changing & now my son (use the force young padawin / jedi) gets to experience the magic of Star Wars through Lego…

What more can a parent ask for than spending quality time on the GoGoSac. (Which is a great Starwars legos play mat to start with), let alone a sensational toy storage sack for all your Lego’s that your junior Jedi in training builds from.

When Lego Jedi training ends (playtime), clean up is so easy, with no more stepping on millions of little Legos you can clean up in less than 10 sec, just pull up on the GoGoSac‘s handles and away goes all the lego mess and you get to fight another battle elsewhere and won’t have to try to get the kids to pick up all the Legos off the floor. (That is way your a Jedi master)

The Force is strong in the GoGoSac and teaching your junior jedi how to play in the Lego Play mat is easy see here how to train your Jedi.

Don’t delay start ‘using the force’ of the GoGoSac playmat to make your life easier.

*Lego® & Duplo® are registered trade marks of the Lego Group of companies which does not sponsor or officially endorse this website