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LEGO Playmat Bag

Looking for a Lego Playmat that becomes a bag?

A Lego drawstring Play mat  that becomes a Lego® storage bag. Never step on thousands of little bits of Lego all over the floor anymore with the great GoGoSac.

There are many great Lego®* Playmats out there, but one thing most don’t do is make cleaning up the Lego mess easy. Yes there a boxes that are supposed to help sort the Lego, but the problem always is that the kids still have to pick up the Lego off the floor and put them into the box or toy box. Good luck with that.

At GoGo&Co we have developed the GoGoSac Lego playmat that converts into a Lego storage bag

When your kids have finished playing with the Lego, toy clean-up is so easy you just ‘Pull up’ on the drawstring^ handles of the GoGoSac and away goes all the Lego toy mess. It’s that easy.

The Lego drawstring play mat bag has been designed so that all the ‘Pull up’ drawstring straps are enclosed within the rim of the GoGoSac that way there is little  chance of a tripping hazard especially for the little ones.

Find out more about the great GoGoSac playmat and Lego Bag further

*Lego® is a registered trade mark of the Lego Group of companies which does not sponsor or officially endorse this website

Toy Clean up is so easy with the GoGoSac