Hongqiao situation from the Shanghai Furniture Fair delivery

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Trend of a new generation of plate counterattack

   In recent years, the sudden emergence of custom furniture to replace the main position of the plate furniture, which also led to a new round of furniture manufacturers think. The current Hongqiao show, we see a few old plate furniture brand launched a new board suite furniture products, intended to compete with the custom in the desperate to regain a bureau. On behalf of the brand: Qu Mei "free space", Jianwei "Paris fashion", the federal new plate series.

These brand layout Cenozoic plate furniture has a deep level of consideration:

   1. The new generation of plate to aesthetics and the perfect combination of functions. Compared to a board in the end, all-round coverage of the function of custom furniture, the new generation of plate-like function in no way inferior. Even more excellent, these activities are not limited by the size of the furniture space, the most mature scale, the function set back to the plate furniture. On this basis to give aesthetics, such as the panel of the streamlined more soft rhythm, the color is more delicate and live color and fragrant, material texture more realistic, more diversified material applications, which are trying to break the custom furniture, dusty sense of closeness.

   2. Cenozoic plate is more conducive to industrial manufacturing. We see Qu Mei's new "free space", the use of Kang Beite this edge without the edge of the board, greatly improving the production efficiency.

   3. New generation of plate price advantage highlights. Compared with the customization of the high price of furniture, long cycle, the new generation of the board closer to the consumer's actual spending power.

      This is caused by the old manufacturers of plate furniture, counterattack and recovery of the wind, is bound to affect the spring of 2016 furniture exhibition, and custom furniture will eventually go down with the activities of high and low furniture, let us wait and see.

Trends in the digestion and absorption of Italian aesthetics

   Milan, Italy is the world's furniture industry benchmark, it is also a profound impact on the Chinese counterparts. When more and more Chinese furniture people have the opportunity to go to Milan after the festivities, their ideas began to be inspired, action also will change. So after half a year away from Milan, we see the Shanghai Hongqiao exhibition exhibitors have also steal the results of digestion and absorption, forming a suitable model for the local. On behalf of the brand: "handed down furniture", Guangzhou, "Ban Lan", Qu Mei's "free space" and so on. Their products pay more attention to detail, booth design more pursuit of Milan Fan. The typical style of the Italian brand CECCOTI is widely used by the "handed down furniture", the function of the product, the specifications are more in line with the Chinese market, the product type is also more complete system; and we know the Poliform, Flexform, LEMA and other big space atmosphere to create " Bentan ", Qu Mei" free space "digestion and absorption. Under their influence, there will be more Chinese exhibitors will return from the hustle and bustle of reason.

In the past thousands of years of Chinese feudal society, furniture only serves the royal aristocracy. In today's increasingly strong national strength, cultural rejuvenation today, Chinese furniture is no longer the national top class exclusive, each ordinary people can have the same furniture with the state leaders. Chinese contemporary furniture designers, no longer just to please the upper class, but more concerned about ordinary people's basic necessities. So when we see the Shanghai Hongqiao show emerged so much new Chinese original design brand, our national self-confidence is more abundant. Chinese nationals share the original design resources of Chinese culture, which is the gift of the times.

   On behalf of the brand: "happy in" brand, Kang Naideng new "Pu Rui" brand, "how many" brand, about "heaven and earth" series, Foshan, "Zhuoer Baike" brand.

Trend four. Software products "to style" trend is obvious

   Although the furniture is exotic, but China is enough to become a software factory in the world. "Minhua Holdings", Zhejiang "Yong Yi shares", KUKA Gu are in Shanghai Hongqiao to a large number of exhibition halls, high-quality foreign trade products swearing the Chinese software in the world a pivotal position. At the same time, for the domestic market love Eisi Si, Scarlett, around "Yoloso", according to Novi gentry and other brands also continue to layout the domestic market.

   The exhibition, the software furniture collectively took off the luxury coat, to luxury Jane, the previous exhibition of the neo-classical sofa, large solid wood thick leather sofa has been hidden behind the scenes, sing the main melody are those more simplified, blurred the style of the software product.

   This "to style" software products will be a typical style of fuzzy processing, the formation of a seemingly no style, to achieve a more wild, classic, not easy to out of date role. This trend, with the international synchronization, in the shape of the formation of a modern style as the mainstay, the classical style of the fusion of large fusion style. In the choice of fabric fade on the higher purity of the jump color, beige, gray-based security color applications more frequently, and pay more attention to fabric texture.

Trend five. Fun little light lit life

   Personalized small pieces of furniture products to become the Shanghai Hongqiao exhibition on a must not ignore the category, "Lightspace lighting space" brand as the representative. These small pieces of interest products are designer copyright, combination with very free, as clothing accessories can be the same side of the street "Amoy" products, out of the furniture as a durable consumer goods frame. At the same time, these small pieces of products have their own characteristics, unique, can express the personality characteristics of consumers.