A business origin of the boss on the sale of thinking

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Need to talk about today's news Yeah, the weather and other topics. Therefore, the clerk in the daily time must read more about the economy, sales books, magazines, in particular, must read the newspaper every day, understand the country, social news, news events, which is often the best topic, so we visit the customer When it will not be seen as ignorant, shallow insight. The worst clerk at night to hold a TV to see, or complain, go out to play and so on. Such a clerk is unpromising. The general clerk to find customers entertainment, drinking chat. Such a clerk will have a single, but I personally think that there is a very high achievement. A little better clerk at night to organize information, analyze customers, plan and so on. Such a business is a good business, should have a future. The best clerk I think it is done in the work of the clerk also insist on watching an hour after the book. I think this kind of business is very promising, after the opportunity to do the boss. Many people think that the best salesman tall, handsome and handsome. The clerk must be eloquent, can speak, his mouth can spit out the oil to be called eloquent good. Clerk must be smoking, who at any time with smoke, every person to send. Clerk must drink, liquor, beer, a thousand cups do not fall. In fact, I feel that these are not important. Personally, I am less than 160MM tall, just started running business when my heart is very low self-esteem, speak is not smooth, let alone eloquence better. I never smoke, drink me up to a bottle of beer, more drunk. But the ground can fill the clumsy, I just ran the business, in Huizhou, the beginning of three months, I took a few clothes to the brother of the factory in Dongguan, a run is a few days. An industrial area, an industrial area run. In this way, I walked for three months, the customer also ran a few, but the shoes are rotten a pair of people like black carbon black head. I now open their own factories, and I often on the clerk, the first three months is not a person's day, after you can survive it. So the business office is there in the client. After we find the customer, the second question is to think about how to call about the customer. There are some details here. Take note of it. Customers have not listened to our introduction, said do not want, and then snapped the life of the phone. And you said to go to visit him, he said no empty, so you fax to him, or the information into the guard room to go. We do not fax the information and put it in the security room to him, useless. Encountered such a situation I began to very depressed, then I would like to think that may be Miss Miss today to work to give the boss scolded, and therefore unhappy so I refused, or would like to buy Miss today and her boyfriend quarreled, so ignore I. It does not matter, I'll find you next time. I have a lot of customers are playing a lot of calls to get an appointment, and sometimes is so strange, Miss Purchasing yesterday said no, today you can play with the sample to see her. So the success of the business is often to see you insist on not stick. Because we will talk about chatting to forget some of the original content to be talked about, often just hang up the phone and hit more time. Engage in everyone is not good. For friends who just do business best to write down with paper. This will be more structured. Because people standing when I feel more focused, will be more serious, there are standing when the gas full, say the sound is more pleasant. We do not believe try to see. No matter how much gas you have just received, it is best to call with a smile. This atmosphere is more relaxed, the customer will feel to the. Do business is already angry, but our customers do not need to share with you. We usually in the usual time to give them a call, chat, greeting greetings Ye Hao. Until he heard the sound to know that so far. It is best to let him miss you. Doing business is like love. We can not expect someone else to marry you after a meeting. Procurement is very forgetful, we have to constantly remind him. Prepare samples, catalog books, pens and notebooks. See the customer before you think about the opening, ask the question, the words, and the possible answer. Usually with the company's products related to the information, brochures, advertising, etc., must strive to study, memorize, at the same time to collect competitors advertising, promotional materials, brochures, etc., to study, analysis, in order to "know ourselves", so talent If you can not avoid getting late, you have to apologize before the agreed time, and I believe it is the only way to avoid being late. Etiquette, instrumentation, conversation, manners are good and bad impression of the source, sales representatives must be more efforts in this area. I do not like my clerk wearing red green t shirt and so on to see my customers. I at least ask for a shirt. There is a briefcase must be skin. In the visit to customers, we should believe in a principle is "even if the fall should catch a sand." Meaning that the sales representative can not go hand in hand, even if you visit which is no demand, can not be traded. But also to find ways to help him introduce a new customer. He would like to talk more with him. Pay attention to his every move. You can vote for it. The result of the conversation is not important and the atmosphere of the process is important. When we chat with the procurement, often pay attention to the contents of the conversation, always said no topic. In fact, we have to pay attention to the process and atmosphere of our conversation. If we chat very happy day, and harmonious, our feelings will be very close. After many days, we often forgot about what was talking about, just remember someday we talked very well In fact, the same procurement. The price we will have a quote to him, the quality we have the quality of recognition to him, the delivery we will seal the signature back to him. So we just as well as things outside the business can be, and talk about his interest in the best question. The most effective and comfortable way to do business is fishing. Just as we have just started chasing girls, do we catch a few girls at the same time, and then there is one in Bo he? We will be spotted one, exhausted the pursuit of her, until the success of it. I am running the business myself. I will choose an industry, such as I want to do headset industry, I will pick the industry in about three seriously to attack him, until the progress so far, after the other is very good to do. So waiting for you in the headset industry accounted for 80% of the share. We go to another industry, copy it. Like fishing, look big. One by one fishing, very comfortable. Bold, cute, thick skinned. When we were young, chasing girls, the big tells us the experience is: bold, cautious, thick skinned. In fact, business is like chasing girls the same. Now the competition is very intense, in the same quality, the same price, the same service, etc., you have to compete with the opponent, only by friendship, if you are more than the opponent to treat customers, and friends to form a friend relationship. So who can take away your single, so what time do you spend and what you get. So that friendship is a treasure. Maybe we have a lot of sales staff will be very warm start, but wait until you do certain results will become the old fritters, and lost the enthusiasm of the past, sometimes feel but not so good to do, you will be too enthusiastic And lose a deal, but because of lack of enthusiasm and lost a hundred transactions. Enthusiasm is more appealing than rhetoric. In fact, you should continue to follow up, constantly asked him until the results so far. Crying children have milk to eat. Like the child does not cry, how do we know he is hungry? So we have to ask the customer to buy. However, 80% of the clerk did not make a request to the customer. , If you and the customer face to face when they can not make an appointment next time to meet the time, in order to meet with the customer may be more difficult to meet. 3, my feeling is that the business to adhere to tracking, tracking, and then track, if you want to complete a business work with customers to contact 5 to 10 times, then you have to stay up to the 10th to listen to the purchase of the signal - if you are very attentive to listen to, when the customer has decided to buy, usually give you hint. Listening is more important than speaking.