There is jade accompanied by the fun of life

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What is jade?

Some people say that jade is money, some people say that jade is plaything, some people say that jade is sustenance, it was also said that jade is philosophy, jade is life, jade is the world of all things.

Indeed, each side of the jade are heaven and earth naturally gave birth to the wizard, which are hidden in the endless meaning. Play jade people's greatest pleasure is to read from the jade life, product philosophy. And if the jade as a symbol of money everywhere, show off, it is too thin in the jade.

This is why some people play a lifetime of jade has never encountered a piece of their own satisfaction with the collection, and some people occasionally but if the treasure, the reason for their own pleasure. From the perspective of utilitarian play jade, jade endless jade; from the spiritual level to play jade, jade endless. Jade, the need is a peace of mind, to abandon the interests of the mix, any thoughts completely immersed in the flow of jade in that side. Playing art is a kind of fun, the interpretation of the original stone of the natural beauty is also a pleasure, from the natural jade to understand the magic of the Creator, which contains the mystery of the mystery. Read the quality, read the meat, read the shape, read the skin, read the flaws, people enjoy jade, jade people, from the attitude of jade can also see people's tolerance heart. Jade flaw is natural and natural, and human flaws are out of their own material greed, compared with jade, people fell a bit ashamed.

Play jade a lot of fun jade!

This is full of great temptation, confusing world, through the ages so that up to the emperor, down to the civilian population, workers and peasants businessmen pursued? This is probably not a simple "interest" word can be said clearly. So what kind of mysterious force drives people to obsessed with jade collection? Real life pressure, so that most people must face the workplace ups and downs, personnel communication. Work outside, to find some of their own interest in things, both to ease the pressure of work, but also hone the mind, broaden their horizons, wash the lead China, self-cultivation. And play jade is also destined to collectors of the manual labor and mental work of the long-term combination of win-win benefits, possession of jade that the benefits of jade collection of physical and mental health reasons, mainly "nine music." Respectively, "to find the music, get the music, play the music, learning music, research music, friends of the music, Jianlou music, value-added music, leisure music."