Several kinds of jade to help you lose beauty

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March does not lose weight, June is sad! Beauty is a woman's eternal pursuit, in addition to diet campaign accidents, in fact, these kinds of jade can also help you lose weight Oh!

■ efficacy articles

Red agate: enhance the metabolism to shoot the body of toxins

Many people are obese because the body is too cold, the best way to solve is to wear agate jewelry. If it is to improve the stomach, partial orange red agate best. Not only can activate the internal organs, and can prevent constipation, driving cold dampness, to help the body of toxins discharged, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Green stone: relieve digestive diseases

Lapis lazuli on stomach, digestive diseases have a certain effect. Digestive system is good, able to balance the absorption of nutrients will not cause the accumulation of fat, so you light slim.

Huang Jingjing: treatment due to anxiety caused by indigestion

Help digestion of precious stones and yellow crystal. Yellow crystal main umbilical round, there is the digestion of tension, help gastrointestinal and other digestive system function. If the digestive function is not good will cause malnutrition or fat accumulation, yellow crystal is a good digestion and fat reduction.

Green tourmaline: care of the spleen, to help lose weight

Green green tourmaline is the color of nature, often people think of lush forests, so that people feel happy to eliminate the heart of the worries, trouble; make people happy, reduce the emotional anxiety caused by overeating caused by obesity The

Aquamarine: firm weight loss confidence farewell halfway

Aquamarine has a very magical effect, she can inspire people's confidence, balance the mood. When you feel bad on the way you lose weight, believe that she can accompany you to go firmly.

■ style articles

First, hollow style jewelry

Hollow style jewelry will give a delicate feeling. With a sense of permeability design looks very refreshing, it is more delicate and delicate, can lose weight in the visual. Especially inlaid crushed small stones, will add a sense of soft, both elegant and playful, and I see still pity.

Second, the fall of the earrings to create "slap" face

Drape the long earrings will stretch the face lines, narrow the face of the visual effects, to achieve the effect of face-lift. Especially inlaid pear-shaped, drop-shaped stones, the more a look of people face delicate effect. If it is a round face of women, be sure to avoid the round exaggerated earrings, simple long earrings will let you have a delicate taste of the taste Oh.

Third, the "one word" jewelry

One type of jewelry in the visual effects will not be too heavy, with a capable modern sense. Like a chain of chains, rings can choose this type. But should pay attention to the ring can choose a little exaggerated style, but the mosaic of precious stones must be elegant, such as pearls, light tourmaline, etc .; but the necklace must choose a simple style, too exaggerated style may make you swollen a few Oh.

Four, slender chain of clavicle

A correct clavicle chain was thin effect no doubt, she wore in your neck is very conspicuous, slim style with the clavicle of the ridge slightly fluctuated, that touch of shy like a breezy lotus. Clavicle chain with a good, but also people feel very spiritual, full of activities, independent, inlaid gem style more fashionable Oh